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Gary Numan - Telekon

1. This Wreckage
2. The Aircrash Bureau
3. Telekon
4. Remind Me To Smile
5. Sleep By Windows
6. We Are Glass
7. I'm An Agent
8. I Dream Of Wires
9. Remember I Was Vapour
10. Please Push No More
11. The Joy Circuit
12. I Die: You Die (Video Version)
13. A Game Called Echo
14. Photograph
15. Down In The Park (Piano Version)
16. Trois Gymnopedies

Kitty Lectro - Goth DJ, Gothic DJ, Deathrock DJ, Industrial DJ, New Wave DJ, Coldwave DJ, Darkwave DJ, Batcave DJ, Minimal Wave DJ, Minimal Synth DJ, Post Punk DJNine Circles

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