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Yello - Solid Pleasure

1. Bimbo
2. Night Flanger
3. Reverse Lion
4. Downtown Samba
5. Magneto
6. Massage
7. Assistant's Cry
8. Bostich
9. Rock Stop
10. Coast To Polka
11. Blue Green
12. Eternal Legs
13. Stanztrigger
14. Bananas To The Beat
15. Thrill Wave
16. I.T. Splash
17. Gluehead
18. Smirak's Train
19. Bostich (N'est-ce Pas)

Kitty Lectro - Goth DJ, Gothic DJ, Deathrock DJ, Industrial DJ, New Wave DJ, Coldwave DJ, Darkwave DJ, Batcave DJ, Minimal Wave DJ, Minimal Synth DJ, Post Punk DJNine Circles

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